My Love For You Will Never Die~

Frag mich was du willst...

make me choose: anonymous asked me: Elena or Katherine

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make me choose ► darkestpetrova asked: Rebekah or Katherine

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Fangirl Challenge

[10] female characters » [10/3] Katherine Pierce

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I’ve been doing all the talking. It’s your turn.Do you pretend to be human when you’re with elena?Is that the appeal?

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make me choose:

- asked by charritoysuprincesa: mia colucci ou annie 

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Anahi and Alfonso being extremely cute with each other (as always) using Mia and Miguel as an excuse. Part 2

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Some pictures from my vacation to Switzerland for those who asked :)

Its beautiful! 

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Heartland 7x17 “On the Line” | Ty Borden and Amy Fleming complicated (and beautiful) love 

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